Ctrl IQ Package Repository


This is the binary package repository and distribution point for all Ctrl IQ products.

License and Permitted Use

You are permitted to use the software contained in this repository for non-production use. If you wish to use any software contained in this repository in production environments, you must be under contract with Ctrl IQ, Inc.

If you are unsure if you are allowed to use this software, or if you want to run this in your production environment, please contact our sales team at sales@ctrliq.com.


Run the following commands to configure your package manager:

RHEL 7 (Rocky, CentOS, and compatible):

  $ sudo yum install -y https://repo.ctrliq.com/rhel/7/ciq-release.rpm

RHEL 8 (Rocky, CentOS, and compatible):

  $ sudo yum install -y https://repo.ctrliq.com/rhel/8/ciq-release.rpm

Package Installation

Now that the repository has been properly configured for your system, you can easily install packages using YUM or DNF directly. For example, to install Warewulf, do the following:

  $ sudo yum -y install warewulf


Here is a direct link to the public GPG key that we use to sign these packages: https://repo.ctrliq.com/gpg